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    31.00 L - 8.68 Cr

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    Noida Expressway, Noida

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The i -thum

  • The Layout focuses on the increasing need to dynamically connect people to information at primary,secondary & tertiary levels.

  • Each Grid unit has been carefully planned with anthropometrics , string diagrams & 24x7 Requirements like fresh air , Building systems & Stress-free working.

  • The Ithum as the name suggests, its just not office space but a revolutionary building concept that will redefine working ambience & relationship between workplace & knowledge worker.

  • The whole complex has a plate area in multiples of 20,000 Sq ft. upto maximum size of 41,000 Sq Ft. per plate per plate.

  • Each plate has been divided in workstations to have proper delineation activity pattern & activity concentration as per latest work schedule string diagrams.

  • The lobes are in modular grids to have central bays for open plan offices and side bays for executive chambers & Communication entablature with conferencing at its best.

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